Huell Howser Comes to Old Town Tustin

A report from Linda Jennings (president of the Tustin Preservation Conservancy) who served as Huell's tour guide for his visit to Old Town.

July 31, 2008–My afternoon with Huell went very well and was actually a lot of fun. He’s every bit as energetic as he appears on his show and he runs the taping at his rapid-fire pace using the info he finds interesting. It was just Huell and one cameraman and the rest of us running after him as he crisscrossed El Camino, ignoring the stoplight and traffic.

He was late getting to the museum but took great care in setting everything up, including the opening remarks with me. As we stood chatting in front of the camera out on the corner of Main and El Camino, just about everyone who drove by waved and yelled hello to him. He was equally as friendly, waving and smiling.

First shot was inside the museum, taking in the fire truck and Utt Juice display, then on to the Blacksmith Shop and Victor Anderson. It was perfect. Huell loved the place and Vic kept exclaiming about how no one knew all this was hidden away in Tustin–his theme for the day. I must have said five times that we are the best kept secret in O.C. Victor got his fire going, banged out some metal for a branding iron (I’m not kidding!!!), made funny machines run and thrilled Huell.

After that we shot my house (The Hewes House) from the outside. He had done a show on the golden spike and knew who David Hewes was. Then to the Wooden Indian, where he had Gordon Bean, the barber, pretend to trim his hair for the interview. Annette Bartolomucci (Mrs. B) wanted to be interviewed, so across Main we dashed, in the middle of traffic, to talk to her and her daughter Tiffany, the postmistress.

Final stop was the Beach Pit BBQ, the old Tustin Garage, and Tim DeCinces. Lots of outside shots and then a focus on a plate of BBQ. Tim was a great interview, as I knew he would be. Huell and the cameraman wolfed down the food and then took off for LA. He tells me it will air in two months. Good for Old Town Tustin!

(Photos courtesy Steve Jennings)

Huell meeting and interviewing Linda Jennings, historian and preservationist

Huell and Denny Hayden in front of our Fire Engine in the Museum

Huell with Bill Finken, Linda Jennings, and Denny Hayden at the Tustin Area Museum

Huell and his cameraman with Victor Anderson at the Tustin Blacksmith Shop.

Gordon Bean at the Wooden Indian Barbershop giving Huell a slight trim around the ears

Huell with Tim DeCinces at the Beach Pit BBQ

An unknown young lady came over to give Huell some delicious cupcakes and just be neighborly