Tustin News Celebrates 85 Years!

by Juanita Lovret
Reprinted courtesy of the Tustin News


The Tustin News has had several homes during its 85 years in the community, including this two-story building on the east side of D (El Camino Real) between Main and Third Streets.

The Tustin News is celebrating its 85th anniversary this month; although no one is certain if the first issue appeared on Nov. 2 or Nov. 7. A banner headline in the Nov. 2, 1923, issue of The Tustin News declared, “The Tustin News is one year old today.”

But The Daily Register in Santa Ana had welcomed the new publication on Nov. 7, 1922, with this message, “Reflecting in its stirring articles a will to boost the progress of its home, The Tustin News, edited by Timothy Brownhill, recently from Beaver City, Utah, made its initial appearance today.”

Regardless of the exact date, all agree the year was 1922. The Tustin News was the fifth newspaper to be launched in Tustin. By lasting an entire year, until November 1923, it became the first to survive.

The publisher expressed his gratitude to the community for the acceptance of his publication, especially gave thanks to “Friends who said ‘Here’s $2, put me down for a year’s subscription’ when they didn’t know whether the paper would run six days or sixty years.”

Merchants also were praised, “They have paid for their advertisements, they have given the News their job printing and they have been pleasant about it. The businessmen of Tustin are good sports.” Despite this glowing message, Brownhill soon turned the publication over to Rev. John Winterbourne and his sons Frank and Dale. They in turn passed The Tustin News on in 1925 to F. H. Fowler, who published it until 1935.

Between 1935 and 1956, The Tustin News had six different publishers. Clyde and Gretchen Simmons owned it from 1935 to 1945. William Mast bought it in 1945 and sold it to Ed Reed and George Bronzan the same year. They sold it to Harry Young in 1946. He kept it for a year before selling to James Quinn, who published it until 1955. Bob and Peg Evans owned it from 1955 to 1956.

William A. Moses and his wife Lucille became publishers of The Tustin News on July 25, 1956. A graduate of Stanford University, Moses was an experienced newspaper man, having been a war correspondent, a reporter on the Bakersfield Californian, a religion editor at the Los Angeles Times and editor of the Newport Harbor News Press. Under his guidance, the paper concentrated its coverage on Tustin and grew along with the community, gradually changing from a country weekly to a suburban publication. Best of all, it finally made a profit.

Moses sold The Tustin News to The Orange County Register on Feb. 23, 1995. Jill Leach took over as editor and the paper moved from Tustin to the Register headquarters in Santa Ana and then to Irvine, where it shares offices with Irvine World News. Jill retired in 2006 and Don Dennis took over as editor. Once the paper arrived by mail, but it is now delivered free along with the Register to subscribers in the Tustin area. Those who don’t receive it can pick up a copy at many locations in Tustin. Although the paper has undergone many changes over the years, it continues to be a voice in the community.

Webguy's note: If you can't find a paper copy, you can view the current and recent back issues by visiting the Orange County Register site , selecting the "City-by-City" news drop-down box for Tustin, and then selecting The Tustin News under their E-Communities heading.



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